YES Training

Training for parents, providers and others interested in learning about Youth Empowerment Services is underway. For those unable to attend trainings in person or via webinar on available training dates, or those who would like a refresher, you can access webinars on the Department of Health and Welfare's YouTube channel from this page. We are posting the training videos as they are available. Links to presentation slides and/or handouts are also available on this page to download.


eLearning Modules

Available YES Trainings

eLearning modules are interactive trainings with knowledge checks and quizzes to reinforce the learner's knowledge.  Modules accessed here will not track your participation or score.  However, these courses can be formatted and available to use on your agency's Learning Management System (LMS).  Contact us for information on how to access these modules in the LMS format.

YES 101 Overview
The YES system of care is a continuum of community-based services and supports for youth with mental health needs.  This course provides an overview of each YES component and is designed to offer both families and those working within the YES system, a basic understanding of the system of care.

Principles of Care and Practice Model
The Principles of Care are 11 values that are applied in all areas of mental health treatment planning, implementation and evaluation.  The six components of the Practice Model describe the experience that youth and families should expect to receive while in care.  In this module you will learn how the Principles of Care and Practice Model are applied to delivering services to children in the YES system of care. 

Recorded YES Training

YES Family Training Webinars

The Idaho Federation of Families, a YES project partner, offers monthly training webinars for families. Recordings of their YES related webinars are available on the Idaho Federation of Families YouTube channel. Links to them are posted here as they are available.

January 29, 2019
Collaboration for the Greater Good of our Children

December 13, 2018
Communication as Equals in the YES System

November 13, 2018
State Agencies:  Who Does What?

October 30, 2018
Insurance:  Which One, What Services, Questions You Need to Ask
Presenters:  Janet Hoeke, Parent Network, Weston Trexler, Department of Insurance, Jamie Teeter, Division of Behavioral Health, David Welch, Medicaid

September 20, 2018
Being a Parent of a Kid with an SED
Presenters:  Carol Dixon, IFFCMH, and Janet Hoeke, Parent Network representative, parent panel.

July 17, 2018
What to Expect with Coordination of Care
Presenters: Jennifer Eason-Barnett, LCSW, Division of Behavioral Health and Janet Hoeke, Parent Network representative.

July 12, 2018
Principles of Care
Presenters: April Auker, LCSW, Division of Behavioral Health and Stacey Nelson, Parent Network representative.

May 29, 2018
How to Get the Most of a CANS Assessment
Presenters: Janet Hoeke, Parent Network, Jennifer Barnett, LCSW, Division of Behavioral Health and Andrea Emmons, Liberty Independent Assessor.

March 29, 2018
How Can My Family Access Medicaid Youth Empowerment Services?
Presenters: David Welsh, Medicaid Program Manager; Janet Hoeke, Parent Network representative.

CANS Training Videos - Click on the links below to view trainings on the DHW YouTube Channel.

  Idaho CANS and Parent Perspective -  Intro (Part 1 of 7)

  TCOM and Idaho CANS Overview Part 2

  TCOM and Idaho CANS Overview Part 3

  TCOM and Idaho CANS Overview Part 4

  TCOM and Idaho CANS Overview Part 5

  TCOM and Idaho CANS Overview Part 6

  TCOM and Idaho CANS Overview Part 7

CANS for All Stakeholders Presentation Slides - Click on the link below for the presenter's slides from the Child and Adolescent Needs & Strengths training (PDF):

  CANS_TCOM Creating and Managing System that Care - Dr. Lyons