Welcome to the provider section of the YES website. As the Youth Empowerment Services system of care is implemented for families, youth and children with serious emotional disturbance, mental health care providers, and others who serve children--from school counselors to primary health providers are experiencing changes. 

YES has created exciting opportunities for you to support your clients in new ways:

  • Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) tool in use
  • Child and Family Teams (CFT) are being formed and utilized
  • Increase in Idaho's Medicaid eligibility for children with SED whose families are within 185 - 300 percent of the federal poverty limit  allows you to help more youth and children. How to Access Medicaid Mental Health Services for Your Child is a helpful resource to share with families
  • Wraparound for Providers At a Glance is a helpful resource to explain Wraparound and how to refer a family for it

Please take a look at the information on this site and use the Contact Us section to ask any questions you have. We will continue to update this website as the YES system of care is implemented and sustained, so check back often to find the most up to date information and resources.

For technical information, training opportunities and support on the web-based tool developed for CANS in Idaho, please visit the ICANS website.

Some materials are now available for those of you who work with schools and educators. Collaboration with Schools: A Guide for Clinicians and Providers contains steps to follow when you work with educators. It includes links to other helpful resources for both you and educators. The Collaborating with Educators Checklist is a one page document you can use to make sure you have performed all the steps in the process. Access the guide, checklist and other resources on the Provider Resources page.

Optum Idaho is working collaboratively with the State of Idaho to implement services in the new YES system of care. Optum is committed to listening and supporting our valued provider network community to ensure you have the resources, information, and training to successfully support the service delivery system for children and youth receiving care.

For more information on Idaho Behavioral Health Plan services, accessibility and provider trainings, please visit the provider section of the Optum Idaho website.

(Human Services, probation officers, providers in educational settings)
One of the goals of YES is to improve the process for identifying children who may have unmet mental health needs and assist their families in accessing services. To accomplish this goal, the state is creating multiple pathways to identify unmet needs. One such tool is the Children's Mental Health (CMH) Screener.

Please visit the Healthcare Provider Page for resources on using the screener and a link to the online tool.

Questions about the screener? Contact Us.