Reports and Updates


By Nathaniel J. Williams, PhD
Boise State University
November 2017

The purpose of this report is to evaluate a methodology proposed by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to estimate the number of youth who experience serious emotional disturbance (SED) in the State of Idaho.


This report informs the State of Idaho’s Children’s Mental Health Workforce Development Plan by providing information regarding Idaho mental health providers’ capacity to serve children and youth who have serious emotional disturbance.  IDHW-DBH contracted with Boise State University’s School of Social Work to complete a workforce capacity and gaps analysis as one input to the State’s Children’s Mental Health Workforce Development Plan. This report presents mental health provider profiles and workforce capacity based on the results of a survey conducted by Mary Elizabeth Rider, MSW of Rider Consulting under the direction of Dr. Nathaniel Williams of Boise State University.