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Guide to YES: A Practice Manual

This document is a practical guide for youth, families and providers on all the different parts of the YES System of Care. 

This manual can be read from front to back to gain a better understanding of YES or it can be used as a reference guide to look up information on a specific subject. The Yes Practice Manual is available as an interactive online document and as a PDF designed for print. Topics covered in the manual include:

 - Identifying youth with a serious emotional disturbance
 - YES eligibility
 - Mental health assessments and the CANS
 - Principles of Care and Practice Model
 - Child and Family Teams (CFT)
 - Coordinated Care Plans
 - Services and Supports
 - Complaints and Appeals

To provide feedback on the YES Practice Manual or request a print copy, please send an email to:

Tips for Using the Practice Manual

Watch Practice Manual Overview video

The YES Practice Manual Overview video provides helpful information about the YES Practice Manual, including: 

• Who the manual is designed for
• What information is in the manual
• How to use and navigate through the



YES Practice Manual Ebook YES Practice Manual pdf
Haga clic aquí Manual de práctica
Haga clic aquí Manual de práctica
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